Free Community and Evaluation Licenses

Feature \ License Type Unlicensed Automatic/Offline Evaluation Evaluation Free Community
License Duration 2 Weeks Temporary License* 1 Month 1 Year
Maximum Number of Instance 1 2 4 2
Maximum Number of Connections 2 8 Unlimited** 4
Maximum Number of Iterations 8 2048 Unlimited** 512
Maximum Test Duration (min) 5 60 480 120
Maximum Number of Threads 4 Unlimited** Unlimited** 8
Server Driven Test   Yes Yes  
Save to database   Yes Yes  
Server Driven Workload   Yes Yes Yes
Unit Test   Yes Yes  
Parameterize Query   Yes Yes  
Substitute Values   Yes Yes Yes
Start all Workload at Startup   Yes Yes  
Custom Workload   Yes Yes  
Logging   Yes Yes Yes
Email   Yes Yes Yes
Synchronize   Yes Yes Yes
Enable Step at  

Maximum Instance Duration (min) 15 240 1440 240
Maximum Number of Tests 4 8 (***24) 16 (***48) 8 (***24)


  Request Request Request

* "Automatic Evaluation License" is being fetched at instance startup when internet connection is available. "Offline Evaluation License" needs to be requested manually when there is no internet connection. These are temporary instance licenses that are issued for a few months for evaluation usage.

** Operating System and/ or data type (Int32.MaxValue) limit apply.

*** The limit is higher while practising Online Examples. For unlimited number of tests please check the Paid for Licenses.

The incorporated ‘Online Examples’ and scripts, accessible via the Menu ‘File’ -> ‘Open Online Examples’, may be used with all license types for personal, private educational purposes. However, the ‘Online Examples’ and scripts may not be used in presentations or in trainings, neither public nor internal (corporate) nor for third parties.

Complementary License

We can provide a limited, free "Complementary License" for community members who help us testing and providing visibility (in your blog, community etc.) If you would like to apply for a "Complementary License", simply Contact Us with a proposal.

Presentation License

If you wish to use the Software during free presentations, free webcasts, free webinars or free online tutorials you require a free "Presentation License". Contact Us to acquire it.

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