Connection String

Set of connection strings. There can be up to 255 connection strings per workload, each connection string in a new line. This connection string will be used by all the threads in the workload.

When there are 2 connection strings and the workload is configured with 2 threads, then there will be 4 active threads during the workload, 2 threads per connection string.


Data Source=SQLWorkshops\SQL2012;Database=master;Integrated Security=true;Pooling=false

Data Source=SQLWorkshops\SQL2014;Database=master;Integrated Security=true;Pooling=false

It is possible to perform find and replace in connection string during runtime by enabling “Allow Find and Replace In Connection String” and providing “Find and Replace (Pattern=Replacement)“ under “General Settings”.

You can supply custom connection string for each thread within a workload by using “Server Driven Workload” under “General Settings”.

These are SQLClient connection strings, you can refer to this link for syntax / format / keyword information:

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