How to Install SQLTest

To install SQLTest click “Install SQLTest” at

In case you have problem downloading, make sure "File Download" is enabled under Internet Explorer -> Internet Options -> Security Tab -> Custom level -> Download. Furthermore, if necessary, uncheck "Enable Protected Mode" under Internet Explorer -> Internet Options -> Security Tab.

Choose "Run" when prompted: "Do you want to run or save setup.exe from"

Read and Accept the EULA. 

"Do you want to install this application?" Choose "Install".

Once the installation is complete, SQLTest will automatically start. If you don’t have a license key, the License Type will be “Unlicensed”.

If you have internet connection, for a few months, SQLTest will fetch an “Automatic Evaluation License” off the internet.

If you don’t have any internet connection, you can get a free or a paid license by visiting

The above installation uses the ClickOnce method. It is also possible to setup SQLTest without using the ClickOnce method. This is furthermore necessary if you don’t have internet connection from where you want to install SQLTest. In that case you can download SQLTest.exe. Limitations with this method are, that SQLTest will not fetch “Automatic Evaluation License” and also that you won't get any automatic updates; You will need to manually update SQLTest.exe with periodic downloads.

You need to visit to get a license.