You can find info on the tool also in our SQLTest Videos (Youtube).

How to install SQLTest

How to Request an Offline Evaluation License

Examples on how to use SQLTest:

1. Setting up a simple insert test

2. Setting up a parameterized insert test

3. Setting up an insert test with value substitution

The SQLTest Help Pages can be accessed in three ways:

1. On this page, where they are alphabetically listed and grouped in tables.

2. Via "ToolTips" in SQLTest: Speech bubbles that pop up as you hover over the various areas in SQLTest (this function is by default enabled and can be disabled via menu "Tool" -> "Disable ToolTip")

3. Via the "Help" function in SQLTest: Click on the question mark in the window title bar of the tool and then click on the control you would like to get some info on. It will take you to the respective page listed here below. You can alternately select the control and press F1. 

For further information, or if you would like to ask a specific question, please visit our Forum.

1. SQLTest

Allow Find and Replace in Connection String Execution Time Start All Workload
Allow Find and Replace in SQL Command Iterations Start Current Workload
All Workload Progress Bar Iterations Configured Start Custom Workload
Average Time License Type Test Connect
Connection String Messages Threads Configured
Custom Workload Provider Statistics Trace
Duration Query Cancel Workload Progress Bar
Duration Configured Report Workload Running Status
Errors Results Workload Settings
Executions Completed SQL Command Workload Status

2. SQLTest Menu "Settings"

a. "General Settings"

Abort Workload on Error Find and Replace Server Driven Test
Append Date Time to Log File Name Ignore Errors Server Driven Workload
Application Name Prefix Include Connection Information in Results SQLTest Connection String
Auto Scroll Results In Report Include Connection Statistics Start All Workload at Startup
Cancel Query on Duration Expiration In Report Include Detailed Statistics SQLTest Stored Procedure Prefix
Custom Workload In Report Include Thread Statistics Synchronize Begin Transaction
Delay before Command Retry In Report Include Workload Statistics Synchronize Commit Transaction
Delay before Connection Retry Log Errors Synchronize Connect
Email Log File Log File Buffer Size Synchronize Disconnect
Email only on Errors Log File Name Synchronize Execute Non Query
Email to Addresses Log Messages Synchronize Execute Reader
Enable StepAt Synchronization Log Report Synchronize Iteration
Evaluate Checksum Log Results Synchronize Read
Evaluate DBCalls Log Trace Synchronize Next Result
Evaluate Records Affected Next File to Load on Workload Completion Synchronize Rollback Transaction
Evaluate Results Number of Command Retries Trace Level
Exit on Startup Workload Completion Number of Connection Retries Log Table Name

b. "Workload Settings"

Allow Ignore Errors Delay Before Execute Read Fetch Top Rows
Apply to All Workloads Delay Before First Iteration Iterations
Begin Transaction Before Every Iteration Delay Before Iteration Iterations Configured
Begin Transaction Once for All Iterations Delay Before Rollback Transaction Parameterize Query
Command Timeout Duration Prepare Query
Commit Transaction Duration Configured Retrieve Info Messages
Connect Before Every Iteration Enable Provider Statistics Rollback Transaction
Delay Before Begin Transaction Execute Next Result Show Results
Delay Before Commit Transaction Execute Non Query Stored Procedure
Delay Before Connect Execute Read Substitute Values
Delay Before Disconnect Execute Reader Threads Configured
Delay Before Execute Next Result Fetch All Results Transaction Isolation Level
Delay Before Execute Non Query Fetch All Rows
Delay Before Execute Reader Fetch Top Results

c. "Email Settings"

Approved to Addresses Maximum Attachment Size SMPT Send Timeout
CC Addresses Reply To Addresses SMPT Server Name
Compress Email Attachment Retry Attempts SMPT User Name
Delay Before Retry SMTP Authentication SMPT Use SSL
Display Name SMPT Password Subject Prefix
From Address SMPT Port Number Test Email

3. SQLTest Menu "Tools"


Number Of Workloads Enable Automatic Evaluation License Request Participate in Customer Experience Improvement Program