Customer Experience Improvement Program

CEIP collects information about how You use Our Software and about the problems You encounter. We use this information to improve Our Software and to help solve problems. Participation in the program is voluntary, except for evaluation licenses; To learn more, read the following frequently asked questions.

How does CEIP work?

When CEIP is enabled, Your computer automatically sends information to Us about how You use Our Software.

Will CEIP collect usage information about all products on my computer?

No, CEIP collects usage information about Our products only.

Will I be contacted or receive spam if I participate?

No, CEIP reports do not contain personally identifiable information, such as Your name, email address, or phone number, hence We will not contact You in any way.

If I choose to participate, can I opt out later?

Yes, You can opt out at any time by unchecking the CEIP checkbox located in the menu ‘Tools’ – ‘Options’, except when you are using an evaluation license.

How does SQL Consulting GmbH protect my privacy if I choose to participate?

CEIP reports do not contain contact information, such as Your name, email address, or phone number. CEIP generates an identifier based on Your installation, it does not contain any personally identifiable information. The identifier is sent with every CEIP report. More details are provided in the Privacy Policy.